I can hardly believe it, but release day is almost here. In just eight days, Learning to Live Again will be available. (I miscalculated when I did the title, so sue me. I’m a writer not a mathematician. ;-)) I’m so excited to be able to share Grant and Lainie’s story with you. In the meantime, we can continue with the conversation between Lainie and her new neighbors. It continues directly from my #Satspanks excerpt. You can find that here.

That was such a bizarre thought Lainie couldn’t even formulate an answer. Cadence started to laugh. “What?” Lainie demanded.

“You just look so shocked,” she replied. “I remember how that felt. I was vanilla when I met Marcus. I didn’t even know Corbin’s Bend was a spanking community. Someone neglected to tell me,” she added, giving Venia a significant look.

“Just how was I supposed to explain that,” Venia countered, thoroughly unrepentant.

“Marcus and Brent seemed to manage well enough,” Cadence told her.

“That’s why I let them tell you,” Venia shot back.

This time it was Julie who started to laugh. Before long both Cadence and Venia had followed suit.

“Seriously?” Lainie said.

Candace nodded. “I moved into the community with no idea. I thought it was just like any other gated community. I didn’t know a thing about the lifestyle until after I moved here.”

Lainie was absolutely flabbergasted. It was hard enough adjusting even with knowing what she was getting into. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like for someone who had no idea. “Oh my God!” Lainie spluttered. “What did you think when you found out? You must have been completely shocked.”

“I was,” she admitted, “but I was also intrigued, far more intrigued than shocked, and that only got stronger after I met Marcus and discovered how good it could be.”

“See?” Venia retorted. “It turned out all right in the end. You managed.” Turning to Lainie she added, “you will too you, Honey, don’t worry. We were all new once, and Cady is right. It can be really good.”

While Lainie mulls over that possibility and we wait for release day, go check out the other writers’ offerings.