Delia Grace is in the spotlight today with her newest release Affirming Antoinette. This book continues last week’s age play theme, exploring how unleashing one’s little self can heal past hurts and ultimately lead to finding love.


Toni Moreau has spent the last decade trying to keep her head above water. Her formative years had been spent in and out of foster care. So far, her adulthood was a matter of basic survival and as far as her experiences with romance—well, they were simply non-existent. She has decided that the only person looking out for Toni is Toni. And, the only way to protect herself is to avoid all emotions and be the most mature grown-up she can be.

Judah Jackson has other ideas however. He sees a beautiful young woman who needs help blossoming into the creative and carefree girl who has been locked inside.

Will Toni be able to trust this man? Will his goals to allow this young woman to reclaim her lost childhood be the key to unlocking her full potential? Or will the wounds be so deep they quench out the flame that burns within?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and deals with the serious issues of self-harm in regards to cutting and suicide. There are elements of age play including therapeutic regression. If any of these are triggers for you or offend you in any way, please do not purchase this book.



**Author’s Note**  I have chosen to include the prologue as my excerpt for Nettie’s book because I feel like it really gives a perfect window into the soul of Nettie and Uncle’s relationship.



She skipped down the stairs twirling her pigtail with her finger. Her skirt was swishing back and forth, the crinoline causing it to have a mind of its own. “What’s for breakfast, Uncle? I’m starved!”

He laughed. “Is that how we ask for breakfast, little girl?”

She grinned cheekily. “It’s how I ask for breakfast.”

His eyebrow quirked, and his face looked sterner. “Try again, Nettie.”

Nettie bit her lip, sighed, and furrowed her brow in response. “Uh-uh. I jus’ want breakfast. I don’t wanna practice manners.”

He knelt on the floor in front of her so they were almost eye to eye. “If you don’t practice your manners, then you’re going to practice sitting in the corner. Try again.” Her tummy flipped, and she hesitated a moment, then let out an ear-piercing scream.

He stood, tossed her over his shoulder, flipped her dress up, and brought his hand down hard across her panty covered bottom. His large hand covered her entire little butt, and one smack was all it took to make her close her mouth and then gasp for breath, effectually stopping her short-lived tantrum. “You will take some time to think about appropriate behavior, little girl.” He set her down on the small pink stool in the corner facing the wall, then put his hand under her chin and looked into her eyes firmly. “What happens if you get up, little one?”

She swallowed and pouted her lip. “I get a spankin’.”

He nodded. “That’s right. So stay there. I will set the timer. I expect a sweeter girl when I come back.” She crossed her arms, worried her lip, and faced the corner. He set the timer on his phone and looked at his little girl. He had never felt prouder in his entire life.

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Delia Grace is a mid 30’s hopeless spanko and voracious reader. Married for over seven years to the first man who ever dated, spanked, kissed, or etc etc her (in that order – wink wink) she is grateful to have a real-life fairy-tale and knight in shining armor to use for inspiration in her writing. She has spent her entire life within an hour of Washington, DC, but loves to travel and meet like-minded individuals and uses all of her spare time and funds to do just that.