A2Z-Logo-C1As we saw in yesterday’s post, Colt Avery, Gillie’s husband from my WIP Gillie’s Little Secret is totally not prepared for the revelation of his wife’s secret ageplay fantasy. He’s left confused and not at all sure what to make of it. Like many – if not most – of us, he turns to his friends for help. His best friend, Kevin a.k.a. Rabbit, is a Marine buddy turned clinical psychologist. Colt knows if anybody can help them make sense of this, it’s Rabbit.

They chatted for a while as they catching up and generally shooting the breeze of everything from sports to the abysmal state of mental health funding in the military and in education funding in general. Finally, Kevin drained the last of his coffee, set the cup down on the table with a deliberate thump, and leveled Colt with a look, green eyes dark and serious.

“Okay, Gunny, what’s on your mind?” he asked, all traces of the earlier teasing gone.

“What do you mean?” Colt asked. “Can’t I just want to see you?”

“You could,” Kevin replied, “but that’s not what this is about. Come on, Gunny, give me a little credit. First of all, I’m a psychologist, reading people is my job. Secondly, I’ve known you for a long time. I know perfectly well when you have something on your mind. So what is it?”

Colt sighed. “It’s Gillie.”

“Is she ok?” Kevin asked, immediately concerned.

Colt nodded. “She’s fine, physically at least. It’s just –” Colt broke off, struggling to get the words out.

“It’s just what, man?” Kevin pressed. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific than that. If you’re worried about embarrassing me, don’t. In my profession, you pretty much have to be an embarrassment-proof. Trust me, I’ve heard it all.”

Just like that, Colt found himself pouring it all out: the secrecy, the computer, the stories, what Gillie wanted, her embarrassment, his confusion, everything, in one tangled and confusing rush. It was the only way he could have ever gotten it all out. Kevin seemed to understand that. He didn’t say anything or ask questions, other than to make encouraging noises, until Colt finally stopped, breathless and somehow feeling drained.

“So this was a surprise?” Kevin questioned.

“I think that’s the understatement of the year,” Colt said dryly. “All these years and there hasn’t been so much as a hint.” He raked a hand through his hair in agitation, but the medium brown locks were too short to move much. “Just what am I supposed to do about this, Rabbit?”

“What do you want to do?” Kevin asked calmly.

“Hell if I know,” Colt said. “Gillie had it in her head I would leave her.”

“Would you?” Kevin wondered.

“Of course not!” Colt told him. “Don’t be ridiculous, man. I love her. I want to make her happy. I’m just not sure I can do this. I’m not even sure I know what this is.”

“It’s not pedophilia or anything like that, if that’s what’s worrying you,” Kevin told him.

Colt felt a weight lift that he hadn’t been aware he’d been carrying. “What is it then?”

“I’m not an expert,” Kevin told him. “You know my practice is primarily PTSD. I only know the very basics, but I do know it’s just role play, an adult version of the pretend play we all did as kids. People do it all the time, a man wants a woman to dress up in a French maid uniform or women hire a stripper for a bachelorette party who dresses like a cop. Haven’t you ever had a girlfriend who wanted you to wear your dog tags or your dress blues?”

Colt shook his head. “You gotta remember, Rabbit. I’ve been married a long time.” He grinned mischievously. “I didn’t leave a string of women at every base like you did.”

Kevin didn’t bother to deny it. “Ok, maybe you haven’t, old man, but I have, more than once. Roleplay in the bedroom isn’t all that uncommon.”

“Except it isn’t in the bedroom,” Colt told him. “Gillie says it isn’t about sex, or not just about sex. Somehow it is a turn on, but she doesn’t have sex when we do this, if we do this.”

Kevin didn’t seem disturbed by this. He shrugged. “So maybe it’s just fun for her or maybe it fulfills some kind of emotional need. There’s no harm in it as long as neither of you is hurt by it. I doubt you two are the type to get into it so deep that she ceases to be able to function without you or gets stuck in little mode all the time. You two are sensible people. Don’t get me wrong, Gunny, I’m not suggesting that you jump into anything you’re not comfortable with. I’m just telling you it’s not a monstrous or twisted thing. If she has this need and you want to fulfill it for her, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

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