These days I don’t necessarily watch television all that often. Between writing, reading, and my part-time job, who has time for television? I will admit though I had the art of binging a particular television show down long before it became popular. From the time I was a teenager, I’ve been known to develop a keen interest *cough*some might call it an obsession *cough*in a particular show and stick with it long and hard. Until bored me or went off the air and then I would move on to something else.

A crime drama called Reasonable Doubts, the X-Files, Stargate SG-1, and Grimm have been a few of my previous obsessions. These days, I am pretty much a die-hard crime show junkie. With the exception of one or two, all of my favorites are somehow related to crime, whether true crime or fictional.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

  • NCIS

    NCIS inadvertently led me to my writing career. The first writing I ever shared publicly was NCIS spanking fan fiction. Honestly,The best compliment I have gotten on my writing to this day came from one of those stories. I’d written an episode tag to the episode Bloodbath were Gibbs spanked Abby for making reckless decisions and putting herself in danger. A reader commented that they had come across that story expecting it to be nothing more than a guilty pleasure but had instead found it to be a character study that just happened to include spanking. That’s still the goal I strive for when I write. The characters and their story are primary the spanking is just the icing on the cake.

  • Outlander

    I’m obsessed with these books so it’s really no wonder that I share a similar obsession with the television show. Often, if I have read the books I don’t necessarily like the movie or television show. Too often, they lose what is best about the books in the name of commercial popularity. That’s not the case with this show. The show is not exactly like the books, and I haven’t always been okay with the changes they have made, but for the most part, the television show is a good one in its own right.

  • Criminal Minds

    This is one of my crime show obsessions. Even so, I don’t really watch it for the cases. I watch it more for the characters. I like the dynamic between the team members, and I’m particularly fascinated by the psychology of the criminals. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, and I know most likely at least some of the psychology they use is at best simplistic if not outright made up. Still, the idea of trying to figure out people who do such horrible things is fascinating.

  • Killing Fields

    This show follows an active cold case team out of Louisiana investigating a 20-some-odd-year-old homicide. That in itself is interesting, but it’s the lead investigator who is the real draw. He is a grizzled, tough homicide detective from the Bayou, who came out of retirement to keep a promise he had made to this victim’s family. He’s totally old-school and more than a little rough around the edges. If I wrote mystery or suspense rather than romance, he would make a fantastic model for a main character.

  • Speechless

    I’ve written so much about Speechless of late that there’s hardly anything to say that I haven’t written before, probably more than once. Suffice it to say that speechless is a favorite because it is just plain funny. It’s smart and witty and fun without being stupid. It’s even more funny if you have lived with cerebral palsy, as I do, and get the inside jokes about things that really happen, like getting stuck in too narrow doorways, the sickly sweet overly helpful aide, chasing your siblings and running them over with your wheelchair (my sister can testify to that one) and the like.

There are probably more, but there’s not time to list them all. If you get tired of binging television and are looking for a new read, I have a new book, Playing It Safe, that just released yesterday. The hero, Deacon Sullivan, is paraplegic and would probably enjoy Speechless as much as I do. However, he’s probably too busy with the new woman in his life to actually watch it. You can find Playing It Safe here if you’re interested.

When travel nurse Ivy Walker comes to Dallas for a three-month stint working in the emergency department at Parkland Hospital, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. She just wants to do her job and see a few sights before moving on to the next job. However, when she is assigned to work with former firefighter turned 911 dispatcher Deacon Sullivan to find sponsors for a community health and safety fair, she finds herself falling hard for him. Despite being paraplegic, Deacon doesn’t want her to take care of him. He wants to take care of her. He introduces her to domestic discipline and gives her things she never knew she needed – love, boundaries, and protection. Yet even as the two fall ever deeper in love, the time until Ivy must leave grows shorter. What will Ivy do when her contract ends? Will she walk away from a lucrative career to stay in Dallas with Deacon or leave behind the greatest love she’s ever known for the sake of her career?