Caine Landry is the hero of my upcoming book, tentatively titled Chasing a Dream. (Corbin’s Bend Season 4)  Caine is in his mid-30s and is a carpenter and contractor by trade who specializes in finish carpentry and has his own small furniture making business on the side. He’s trying to grow his business, but until the furniture really takes off, he still makes most of his money through carpentry and contractor work, including frequently doing subcontract work for Jim O’Brien. He’s worked on several of the businesses in Corbin’s Bend, most recently The Pit, before taking on his current project doing the interior work for Norah’s Book Nook.

A native of Louisiana, Caine found his way to Colorado via a short-lived unremarkable stint in the military. To be perfectly blunt, he hated nearly every minute of his time in the Air Force. He despised being told what to do and couldn’t wait to get out of there. The only good thing about it was it got him the heck out of the bayou of Louisiana and far away from his grandfather Ruben and the beatings that permeated most of his childhood.

Given what he survived in childhood, Caine is extremely skeptical about DD. Truthfully, he wants no part of it. He respects that the people of Corbin’s Bend have the right to live as they choose in peace, and their money spends as well as anybody’s, but never ever wants that kind of relationship for himself. Of course, he also never counted on meeting and being attracted to a woman who both want and needs just that kind of relationship.

Physically, Caine has sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He’s fit, but not in a sculpted model sort of way. He does very physical work every day, and it shows.CaineL


If I had to choose an actor to play Caine in a movie, it would be Jensen Ackles, who is best known for his role as Dean Winchester on the television show, Supernatural. Caine’s hair is slightly lighter, but Jensen has the look and the body type for Caine. jensen-a


I’ll be revealing more of Caine and Norah’s story in the next few weeks and months so be sure to check back in with me from time to time.  In the meantime, check out the rest of the awesome blogs.