Meet Garret Sullivan. He and his eventual partner Landon are the main characters in my WIP tentatively titled Loving Landon. We’ve already met Garret’s mentee Emmanuel, and Landon will be in the spotlight in a few days.

Garret is 35 and a mechanic. He’s part owner of the garage where he works, and he basically runs things since old Art, the original owner who is now Garret’s partner, dropped down to part time. Garret is very active in a local GLBT community center, where he’s been involved since his teens. His own family has supported him, but he knows that is not the reality for many so he tries to give back by being a mentor.

Garret has black hair and very dark brown eyes. Most often he can be found wearing jeans, work boots, and his uniform shirt over a plain white undershirt. He’s a traditional man and very many ways. He dabbled in the leather scene a bit when he was younger, but he never really found he fit there. He is a Dom, in a sense at least. He doesn’t care much for the crazy outfits and posturing and protocol, but he’s always been attracted to younger guys and he likes to be in charge. It’s less about control and more about protection for him. Granted, he’s not above dishing out a spanking if he thinks it’s warranted, but he never really cared much for scenes and play. Elaborate make-believe doesn’t appeal to him. He wants something solid and honest and real. Unfortunately, he’s never found it. At least not yet.


This painting, called Eye Level, by the late Canadian artist Steve Walker was my inspiration for these characters and by extension this story. This is how I see Garret and Landon.


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