party timeI’m doing something a little different for my Friday favorites this week. This week marks three years since I published my first book on Amazon. One of Those Nights was published on Amazon, according to their records, on October 20, 2013. It was my first book that was ever available in a mainstream sales outlet for sale so I count this as my Authorversary.

One of Those Nights

My Long and Winding Road

My author story, like pretty much everything else in my life, is not exactly straightforward. Even though I count One of Those Nights as my first book, it isn’t actually my first published work. Playing with Fire was actually published first. It was published as a serial story on the Bethany’s Woodshed site several years before it was published as an e-book. It was technically my first published work, but since I don’t have a nice, neat date for it like I do One of Those Nights, I use that publication date is my anniversary date instead.

Whether you found me through that first serial story, through the first ebook, or any of the subsequent books,┬áThank You for joining the ride.When I was in middle school, a brand-new teacher was doing student teaching with my class and did a creative writing unit with us for English. She predicted then that I would write a book someday. I was pretty skeptical. It wasn’t until I published One of Those Nights and people actually bought it that I really believed I might be good enough to do this. If you’ve ever bought one of my books, you’re part of making that prediction come true. And trust me, I’m nowhere near done yet.

What’s Next

I’ve never been afraid of trying something new, and my writing is no exception. In the coming months, I’ll release my first M/M novel, which is also my first non-DD story. I’m also trying my hand at a Kindle World novella. Not to mention the fact that I still have more WIPs than I can count. Hang around. I’m just getting started.