A2Z-Logo-C1Meet Jonah Rowland


Actually, if you’ve been following my #SpankA2Z posts then you’ve already met Jonah.  He was the guy on the bus with the interesting quandary in my D is for Dilemma post. Only he’s not very happy that I introduced him that way.  He’s afraid we’ve given the wrong impression.  He’s not some creepy stalker guy, really.

Jonah is a contractor/builder in  a college town in North Carolina, which gives him the distinction of being my first male lead character who isn’t in some way affiliated with the military or law enforcement.  (What can I say?  I have a thing for men in uniform. 🙂 )He’s an old-fashioned man and proud of it, though it often makes him feel like he was born in the wrong time. He had a short-lived disastrous marriage when he was young, and it taught him a lot, about relationships and about himself.He came away from that marriage firmly convinced of two things. A relationship could not survive without a leader, and he wanted to be that leader.  Eventually, he had gotten his feet under him and started to look around for others who believed as he did. When he’d stumbled on to the concept of domestic discipline relationships on the Internet, he’d known almost instantly that this was what he was looking for. The more he had learned , the more at home he had felt. Not just about relationships either, it had felt like suddenly growing into his own skin. This was who he was. This was the part of his identity he had been trying to understand all his life.

Now, after his chance encounter with Lena, he is doing to hope that fate might have just finally brought a woman who might understand that into his life.

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