I first introduced Kevin back in my B blog. He’s a supporting character in my age play WIP, Gillie’s Little Secret. He’s a close friend of Gillie’s husband Colt. The two served together years earlier when Kevin did a stint in the military and eventually ended up meeting up again as civilians. Kevin is a psychologist with the Veterans Administration specializing in PTSD and Colt teaches JROTC in a small town near where Kevin practices.

Colt, like all of Kevin’s military friends, calls him by the moniker he was known by in the military, Rabbit.  This led to some rather amusing speculation on my previous blog asked to how exactly he earned that particular nickname. Contrary to the speculation, it had nothing to do with his sexual prowess (although I will admit, given his reputation for leaving a woman behind at every base, there may have been a bit of subconscious characterization going on there đŸ˜‰ ). Nevertheless, the real story goes something like this:

The moniker was an old one, a running joke left over from their military days, when Kevin had been a green kid with good people skills and even better luck. It was the luck that had earned him the nickname Rabbit, a reference to the fact that their missions always seemed to go better when he was around as though he were some kind of human lucky rabbit’s foot. It was the people skills that had taken him out of the military and into his current profession as a psychologist. Fed up with seeing one too many of his friends and colleagues struggling with PTSD, Kevin had left the service and returned to school to get his psychology degree, eventually going to work as a licensed clinical psychologist with the Veteran’s Administration.

 Just for the fun of it, here is a picture that is pretty close to the way I see Kevin.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-images-handsome-man-image10785529Photo Credit: Dreamstime

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