My new book, Playing It Safe, debuts today. I’m pleased to introduce you to Ivy Walker and Deacon Sullivan. I hope you will love their story as much as I loved writing it.

When travel nurse Ivy Walker comes to Dallas for a three-month stint working in the emergency department at Parkland Hospital, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. She just wants to do her job and see a few sights before moving on to the next job. However, when she is assigned to work with former firefighter turned 911 dispatcher Deacon Sullivan to find sponsors for a community health and safety fair, she finds herself falling hard for him. Despite being paraplegic, Deacon doesn’t want her to take care of him. He wants to take care of her. He introduces her to domestic discipline and gives her things she never knew she needed – love, boundaries, and protection. Yet even as the two fall ever deeper in love, the time until Ivy must leave grows shorter. What will Ivy do when her contract ends? Will she walk away from a lucrative career to stay in Dallas with Deacon or leave behind the greatest love she’s ever known for the sake of her career?

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Playing It Safe is part of Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World, where Paige invited other writers to theoretically play in her sandbox from the world she created for her Dallas Fire and Rescue books. What does that mean for you? It means that there are also a lot of other writers releasing their books in this world today. I think, at last count, there were 23 of us. And we’re having a party to celebrate. Come join us on Facebook.