I am delighted to welcome Megan Michaels to my blog today. When I first began to be active in the community and on social media as a writer, Megan was one of the first people to reach out to me. She’s always been very supportive of me and my writing and encouraged me far more than I could ever say. Now Megan herself has begun her journey as a writer and it gives me great pleasure to be able to feature her first book What Naughty Little Girls Get. I’ve read it and can say absolutely that it is a delightfully fun read. If you enjoy ageplay, you will enjoy this book. What’s not to like with saucy, mischievous grown-up little girls and the daddies who love them no matter how naughty they get?

Now, without further ado, I turn it over to Megan.


Ruth, thank you so much for having me on today to promote my new book, What Naughty Little Girls Get.  This is a story about Molly and Meggie who are married to Brad and Michael—they call their husbands Daddy and practice domestic discipline in the role of Daddy/little girl.   Molly and Meggie are always in trouble together and find themselves getting spanked a lot!  Background for this snippet:  Molly and Meggie have gone out for two-for-one Margarita night.  Meggie just walked through the door coming home late and she lied telling Daddy Michael that she was out dress shopping/


“I made some dinner, hours ago.  I wish you had called.”  He gave her a look.  “You know you are supposed to call if you are going to be late so I don’t worry, right?”

“Yeah, I know.  I’m sorry, honey.  Can you forgive me?  I lost track of time looking for something pretty.”  She smiled coquettishly at him and he relented.  He was an attractive man with curly brown hair and blue eyes and most days she found herself melting when she looked at him and tonight was no exception. The sexual tension between them was palpable.

He pulled her in for a kiss and whispered into her ear, “Since my words aren’t easily remembered, maybe adding my hand will help you remember.”  He grabbed her by the hips, turning her sideways.  His left hand covered her lower belly bracing her and he gave her a couple good, hard swats to her bottom as a reminder.

“Next time you lose track of time and forget to call, you will be paddled, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”  She rubbed her bottom and pulled her bottom lip in between her teeth.

“Now, go upstairs and change into some comfortable clothes while I warm up your dinner.”

“Yes, sir.”

He swatted her bottom again as she walked by and she pulled her hips forward moving quickly out of his reach preventing him from swatting her again.

While upstairs she heard the phone ring and assumed it was a telemarketer until she heard him say something about going over to someone’s house for dinner tomorrow.  Odd, he didn’t usually make dinner plans without her approval first.

“I will check, thanks Brad.  See you tomorrow at one o’clock.”

Oh, it was Brad.  Odd, Molly hadn’t mentioned anything about going to their house for dinner tomorrow.

“Meggie Mine, change into your pajamas and come downstairs to the den,” he yelled up the staircase.

Uh oh. Her stomach knotted.  He knew.  Somehow he knew.   Michael only called her Meggie Mine when she was being punished.  She was thirty years old dammit, but she had agreed to this actually had asked for domestic discipline.  She liked when he called her Meggie Mine and told her that she was to call him Daddy.


When Molly and Meggie are together, they always get into trouble—which means they always get spanked—and after they decide to meet for two-for-one margarita night at the local bar without notifying their husbands, Brad and Michael, they know they are in big trouble. Once the girls get home they are soundly spanked and sent to bed, but the next day Molly and Meggie are shocked to learn their husbands plan to punish them again—together this time—and this punishment will be much more embarrassing than just a spanking.

Although the women thrive on the love, care, and discipline their husbands give them, they still can’t seem to behave, which means Brad and Michael will have to keep on reminding them what naughty little girls get.

Publisher’s Note: What Naughty Little Girls Get is an erotic novella that contains spankings, age play, graphic sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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