A2Z-Logo-C1From the very beginning in my introductory post, I’ve made it plain that I jump back and forth between any number of WIPs at any given time. If you’ve been paying attention, 😉 you’ll have noticed that while I told you I had five current stories in the works, I’ve only shared from three: Gillie’s Little Secret, Loving Landon, and Believing In Fate. There are still two more: Learning to Live Again and Taking Chances. Here’s why. Learning to Live Again pretty much imploded on me in November or December and is currently going through a fairly major reconstruction/rewrite. Taking Chances, is also not yet complete, but I held it back because it’s special. It’s the sequel to my current book, Playing with Fire. I had never intended for this book to have a sequel, but several readers, including two who are also writing buddies kept asking for one. I’m a people pleaser by nature and eventually, my Muse took over and decided if people wanted another story it would oblige and create one. That creation is the one I’m currently calling Taking Chances.

Until today, I haven’t told a single person, save for two of the people who talked me into writing it but I was working on this. Today, I am debuting it for the first time and introducing a new character – Nathan Harper.

Nathan was Cade’s (the hero in Playing with Fire) partner before he took the job in McLeod and moved out west. After Cade left the Marines, he moved home to Virginia and spent several years on the police force in Alexandria. That’s where he met Nathan. The two have kept in touch, and now Nathan, who is still on the force in Alexandria as a detective, has come out to Texas to be a groomsman in Cade and Stacy’s wedding.

Nathan is a city boy through and through and doesn’t care for rural Texas much, until he runs into Gail Graham, Cade’s godson Nicky’s mother. She captures his interest in ways few, if any, women ever have, but how can he have a relationship with her when they live halfway across the country from one another?

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, Gail is a window. Her first husband Gary was killed while serving the Marines overseas. Gail has sworn never to put herself or her son through that kind of pain again. She really dates at all and when she does, she has sworn off any man with a dangerous job. No soldiers, no firefighters, and certainly no cops. No matter how intriguing and attractive she may find Nathan, she’s determined never to take that kind of chance again. Can Nathan convince her it’s worth taking a chance on him?

Here’s a snippet from early on, when Gail and Nathan first run into each other in the department store where Gail works. Even without trying, Nathan makes an impression on Gail, right from the start.


In the stock room, Gail found herself smiling. Cade was going to be so excited to see Nathan. He seemed like a great guy. She had noticed him immediately when he had come back into her area. For one, he wasn’t local, and that always caught her attention since the vast majority of people that came through were the same local people that she saw all the time. For another, Nathan was very tall, and more than that, he was just one of those people that drew the eye. He was lean, but muscular and well-built. For all his height, he wasn’t a person who could necessarily be described as gangly. He had too much muscle for that. She supposed that being in law enforcement made it necessary for him to stay in shape. He was certainly in good shape. She didn’t tend to pay too much attention; she hadn’t really been attracted to a man in that way since Gary died, but even she could see that there was plenty of definition beneath the neat navy blue polo that he wore, and he filled out his jeans in all the right places. She couldn’t have pinpointed why, but Nathan was a very striking. His short black hair was neat, falling in orderly lines from his forehead to the back of his neck, settling just above his collar. He had very intense blue eyes, darker than Gail’s own by several shades. He was friendly and polite, but there was something about him that made it seem like he was looking right through her. It was unsettling–intriguing–but definitely unsettling.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief foray into the adventures of Nathan and Gail. If so, be sure to stop back by tomorrow. I’ll be sharing another snippet from this encounter when they think it’s a little overwhelmed when trying to choose a gift for Cade and Stacy.
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