This week’s snippet comes from a short story called “School Nights” from my One of Nights anthology.  It’s the one and only M/M story in the anthology.  In it, Landon, who is a reluctant college student at best, has begged off of studying for a test in his Shakespeare class to go to a basketball game.


He’d sworn up and down that he was ready, that he knew the material backward and forward, that he’d ace the test. Garret had, reluctantly, relented, which was something of a miracle in any case since Garret very rarely backed down on anything, but not before he’d fixed Landon with that steely look that went right through him and said, “Just remember, it’s your butt if your grade shows different.”

Landon sighed, glancing again at the crumpled paper in his hand that seemed to be bleeding red ink profusely. It was gonna be his butt all right. He’d be lucky to have an ass left by the time Garret was done.

As if conjured by the thought, Garret turned into their apartment complex at that moment. Landon couldn’t see him yet, but he’d know the rumble of Garret’s bike anywhere. Suddenly, he felt way too exposed sitting where he was, perched on the stairs that led up to the second level of the complex and their apartment. He debated heading back inside, but the crunch of tires on gravel warned him it was already too late.


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