As those of you who follow my Facebook know, this week I had a story go rogue on me and totally blow my plans for finishing the work in progress with Jonah and Lena that I recently posted a snippet from. Now, no worries, that story will eventually get finished. At any given moment, I have three or four works in progress going. One is usually my primary project, and the others are ones I’m working on off and on as inspiration and the Muse dictate. The rogue project, titled Learning to Live Again, has muscled his way into becoming my primary project regardless of my plans on the matter. So that’s where this week’s snippet comes from, but before we get into that, a summary and a bit of lead in.

Summary:   Lainie Taylor has it all. She has a good career as a teacher, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful, healthy teenage daughters. So why does she feel like she’s drowning? Her students are apathetic, her daughters are constantly arguing and whining, her household has somehow plunged into chaos, and she is exhausted.

Her husband Grant isn’t fairing much better. Life at home has gotten to be so stressful that sometimes he would rather be dealing with the inmates in his job as the supervising deputy at the county jail than his own household. Though he’s an old-fashioned guy, Grant has bowed to modern ideas and his wife expertise as a teacher when it came to running his own family and raising his children, but now he’s had enough. Backing down has only led them into chaos so he’s determined to stand up and lead his family, and this time he’s going old school, like his father and grandfather before him.

Lainie is utterly shocked when Grant announces his intention to reintroduce spanking into the household, and not only for their children but for her. It’s a preposterous idea, but she’s so exhausted and so desperate for someone else to take charge that she agrees. Now she’s learning to live again, as a wife happily taken in hand in a domestic discipline relationship.


 At the point where this snippet comes from, Grant is trying to convince Lainie that spanking isn’t harmful or abusive.

Taking a deep breath, Grant made a decision. Gripping Lainie’s arm, he turned her to the side and dealt her one hard swat on her bottom.

Lainie yelped and glared at him. “What was that for?”

“Thinking I could ever hurt Natalie any more than you could,” he told her. “Did I hurt you?”

He saw the moment she made the connection and realized exactly what he had done. “No,” she admitted softly. “It stings, but you didn’t hurt me, not really.”