When Grant and Lainie Taylor move to Corbin’s Bend, Lainie is a complete novice on the subject of spanking and DD. She knows her husband grew up in a family that practiced it. She has a vague understanding of the concept, having talked to him about it some and the beginning of their marriage. She knows her husband is convinced it will save their marriage, and she has agreed to it, but more out of desperation than out of any true belief or desire. For all intents and purposes, she’s a vanilla suddenly moved into a community of spankos. Naturally, she has lots of questions. Fortunately, her new neighbors are more than willing to fill her in.


She realized abruptly that the conversation around the table had gone quiet and the other women were watching her closely. She scrambled through the various tangled thoughts in her head, searching for something – anything – she could say. Finally, she grasped onto the most urgent question in her mind, blurting it out without thought. “Were you serious?” she asked Cadence. “Your husband would spank you for drinking coffee?” In the moment of silence that followed, Lainie realized suddenly that she had asked a virtual stranger an intensely personal question. “I’m sorry,” she stammered, face flaming with embarrassment. “I shouldn’t have said that. It’s none of my business.”
“No, it’s fine,” Cadence assured her. “We’re pretty open with each other. That’s one of the advantages of living here, being able to talk openly about your relationship with people who understand. You don’t have to worry about what people might think. To answer your question, yes, he would.”

“For coffee?” Lainie repeated incredulously. It seemed like such a small and insignificant thing to be in trouble for. Even the language was bizarre. In trouble was something she associated with her students and her children, not with grown women, yet the three women around the table talked openly about it as though it were perfectly normal.

“Technically it would be for endangering my health and Anna’s by drinking caffeine while I’m nursing,” Cadence said in a tone that suggested she had heard those exact words more than once before, “but yes, the coffee would likely get me spanked. Marcus gets serious about anything health related.”

Venia snorted. “You married the doctor, honey. What did you expect?”

“She has a point,” Julie agreed, eyes glinting with amusement. “Although, from what I hear, all the HoH’s take health and safety pretty seriously, Matt included. It’s one of those basic cardinal rules. You seem surprised,” she added, studying Lainie. “Is that not something that is part of your agreement?”
“Grant wouldn’t get upset about coffee,” Lainie said slowly, “but we do have a rule about not doing anything dangerous.” In her opinion, it was a totally unnecessary rule. She was a fully competent adult. It wasn’t like she was deliberately going to put herself into danger. Thankfully,Grant didn’t interpret it as strictly as Cadence’s husband did.

“Matt either,” Julie replied, “at least now that I’m not pregnant or nursing, but there are other things that are his hot buttons. I’m sure your husband has them too.”
Lainie nodded. “We’re kind of new at this still. We discussed it, and we have rules, but we haven’t actually –” She trailed off unsure how to explain. How did you tell women who clearly lived this every day that you didn’t, at least not in the way that they did? Sure they had talked about it, and they had made the rules. Well, Grant had made the rules, but that was all.  That conversation had been months ago and not much had changed. Grant hadn’t actually tried to enforce them. Sure, there had been a few times during the move when she had gotten stressed out and downright bitchy when Grant had insisted that she stop and calm down, including once or twice when he had accompanied that instruction with a firm swat, but that seemed altogether
different than what these women were talking about. For them, it was quite clear that the rules and the threat of punishment were real, real enough to make Cadence turn down coffee when she clearly really wanted it.

“Haven’t actually what?” Venia pressed.

Lainie swallowed hard, heat rising in her cheeks again. “We haven’t actually –” She tried again only to stop and stammer. How did they talk about this so easily? How did you say it without feeling completely absurd? She saw Julie and Venia exchange a look. They probably thought she was ridiculous.

“Has he spanked you yet?” Julie asked bluntly.

Caught between being mortified and relieved to have it out on the table, Lainie shook her head.

“Have you ever been spanked before?” Julie questioned, her tone gentle yet matter-offact.

“No, never,” Lainie admitted.

“Do you want to be?” she wondered.

“Of course not!” Lainie blurted. “Why in the world would I want him to hit me?”

“It’s not hitting; it’s spanking,” Julie corrected, as though there were actually a difference, “and under certain circumstances, it can be quite pleasurable, at least for most of us.”

That was such a bizarre thought Lainie couldn’t even formulate an answer. Cadence started to laugh. “What?” Lainie demanded.

“You just look so shocked,” she replied. “I remember how that felt. I was vanilla when I met Marcus. I didn’t even know Corbin’s Bend was a spanking community. Someone neglected to tell me,” she added, giving Venia a significant look.

“Just how was I supposed to explain that,” Venia countered, thoroughly unrepentant.

“Marcus and Brent seemed to manage well enough,” Cadence told her.

“That’s why I let them tell you,” Venia shot back.

This time it was Julie who started to laugh. Before long both Cadence and Venia had followed suit.

“Seriously?” Lainie said.

Candace nodded. “I moved into the community with no idea. I thought it was just like any other gated community. I didn’t know a thing about the lifestyle until after I moved here.”

Lainie was absolutely flabbergasted. It was hard enough adjusting even with knowing what she was getting into. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like for someone who had no idea. “Oh my God!” Lainie spluttered. “What did you think when you found out? You must have been completely shocked.”

“I was,” she admitted, “but I was also intrigued, far more intrigued than shocked, and that only got stronger after I met Marcus and discovered how good it could be.”

“See?” Venia retorted. “It turned out all right in the end. You managed.” Turning to Lainie she added, “You will too you, honey, don’t worry. We were all new once, and Cady is right. It can be really good.”

Learning-to-Live-Again-Final-200Tired of increasing chaos in his family life and the distance that is growing between him and his wife, Lainie, Grant Taylor decides the only way to save his marriage is to get back to the domestic discipline lifestyle he grew up with. When he finds Corbin’s Bend on the Internet, he is certain it is the perfect place for them to start over.

Exhausted and tired of juggling everything herself, Lainie reluctantly agrees to her husband’s suggestion. However, she is new to the lifestyle and more than a little uncertain about it. To make matters worse, their 15-year-old daughter Kathleen is convinced they had moved her into some kind of weird spanking cult. She is miserable and not at all shy about letting everybody know it.

Will moving to Corbin’s Bend be their saving grace, or will it be the final straw that tears them apart?

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