Regionalism refers to “A linguistic term for a word, expression, or pronunciation favored by speakers in a particular geographic area.” I live in the southeastern US, and in this area of the country, we refer to regionalisms fondly as Southernisms. Southerners, particularly in rural areas like where I live, are renowned for their colorful expressions and ways of speaking. However, contrary to popular belief, there is unquestionably more than one southern dialect. Someone from the mountains of Tennessee or Virginia sounds very different than someone from rural Georgia or Alabama. Texas and Louisiana have separate ways of speaking all their own. There is no one southern accent or southern way of speaking. It really depends on your specific location and region. That being said, there are a number of colorful phrases that seem to carry across many different areas. In deference to the theme of our blog hop, here are four different southern regionalisms that can be used to refer to a spanking, chiefly used in threatening someone with said spanking.


  • Snatch a knot in your butt – I’ve mostly heard this one uttered by exasperated parents, as in “Boy/ Girl, I’ll snatch a knot in your butt.”
  • Wear you out — This one I’ve heard a lot the context of “If you think I won’t wear you out, you’ve got another think coming.”
  • Blister your butt – Contrary to popular belief, this does not refer to raising actual blisters. Instead, this is sort of a regionalism within a regionalism. Blister in the dialect I grew up with is synonymous with sunburn. It’s common to hear someone with a bad sunburn say they got blistered. It doesn’t mean the sunburn necessarily raises blisters; it simply refers to a bad sunburn. Therefore, blister with regard to spanking simply means to raise redness like a bad sunburn.
  • Whuppin/Whoopin/Whippin- This has nothing to do with an actual whip. It means a spanking with a belt. I didn’t hear the term strapping until I started reading spanking stories in college.

There are probably dozens more. Like anything else, dialect varies with the geographic area, and this particular dialect Is no exception. How do these compare with the regionalisms for spanking from where you live?