Saturday Spankings


I know the Christmas season is behind us, but these days I’m feeling like nothing so much as a kid at Christmas. In 12 days, my new book Learning to Live Again (Corbin’s Bend, Season 2, Book 9) will be released. Then, just four days later, on February 1, Grant and Lainie from Learning to Live Again have a follow-up story being released in the Corbin’s Bend Valentine’s collection, Love in the Rockies. Any book release is exciting. Two in four days has me as anxious and excited as a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait to get to share them with you. After all this time of seeing little snippets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Grant and Lainie’s entire story will finally be revealed.

In the meantime, we left Lainie talking with some of her new neighbors from Corbin’s Bend. Julie had just asked a very pointed question. If you didn’t catch that, you should probably go back and read Wednesday’s post in order for this bit to make sense. You can find it here.

Caught between being mortified and relieved to have it out on the table, Lainie shook her head.
“Have you ever been spanked before?” Julie questioned, her tone gentle yet matter-of-fact.
“No, never,” Lainie admitted.
“Do you want to be?” she wondered.
“Of course not!” Lainie blurted. “Why in the world would I want him to hit me?”
“It’s not hitting; it’s spanking,” Julie corrected, as though there were actually a difference, “and under certain circumstances, it can be quite pleasurable, at least for most of us.”
That was such a bizarre thought Lainie couldn’t even formulate an answer.

While Lainie tries to figure out what the heck these crazy women are talking about, be sure to go check out what everyone else is offering today. I’ll post the rest of the conversation on Wednesday.