This week’s post is from my current WIP, tentatively titled Old-Fashioned Men, it features Jonah and Lena, who first appeared in “Angry Nights” in my One of Those Nights anthology.  My WIP tells the story of how they met and began a relationship.   This snippet comes from a conversation very early in their relationship.  They know they share a mutual interest in DD but have never acted on it.


“Is this where you start throwing your weight around?” Lena quipped.

“That depends,” Jonah replied. “Am I going to need to?”

Lena started to reply and then stopped, realizing he had backed her neatly into a corner. If she said no, she was conceding the argument, and he had won. If she said yes, she was inviting him to do so, and though she had only known him a very short time, she had absolutely no doubt that he would have no trouble doing so.

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