Saturday Spankings


A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Norah and Caine from my upcoming Corbin’s Bend book, The Man She Needed. Of course, it’s inevitable that them running into each other going to get around. This is Corbin’s Bend, after all, and given the nature of their community, their friends are already making assumptions about their relationship.

In today’s excerpt, it’s Caine’s good friend and Corbin’s Bend’s resident veterinarian, Jerry Douglas.


“She’s going to be my boss, of a sort anyway, for the next several weeks,” Caine countered. “How is that any different?”


“Not really,” Jerry disagreed. “After all, she’s not paying you, at least not directly. You’re working for the community.


“She’s still my supervisor,” Caine insisted. “Where’s all this coming from anyway? What does it matter? I’ve done work for any number of people in the community.”


“You know,” Jerry said. “She’s single. You’re single. I just thought maybe…”


CB-S4-The-Man-She-Needed-Final-200x300 (2)

Norah Waldon comes to Corbin’s Bend to start over after her husband of 10 years is killed in a freak accident. For the first time since college, she is on her own. She’s determined to fulfill her dream of owning her own bookstore, and for the first time in her life wants to live somewhere where she can be herself as she’s been hiding her desire for a DD relationship for far too long. Her late husband would have never understood. If she can get her bookstore off the ground, and maybe just maybe find an HOH who will take care of her the way she’s always wanted, everything will be perfect.


Enter Caine Landry the carpenter who is working on her bookstore. He brings out things in her she hasn’t felt in years. There’s just one problem. He doesn’t live in Corbin’s Bend and has no interest whatsoever in anything involving spanking. He had plenty of that growing up thanks to his grandfather and his belt. He can never do that to another person, no matter how he might feel about Norah.


Will their differences prove to be insurmountable or can Caine somehow find a way to become the man she needs?


Coming Oct. 28