Saturday Spankings It’s that time again. What time, you ask? It’s Saturday Spanks time, of course. Doesn’t everyone know that? It’s been quite a while since I’ve participated, but I’m back with a new book. I’m sharing snippets from my upcoming release, Learning to Live Again. It’s the last book in Corbin’s Bend Season Two and will be out in late January.

Learning to Live Again (LTLA) follows the story of Grant and Lainie Turner, who have moved to Corbin’s Bend in an effort to save their struggling marriage. Grant, who grew up in a family that practiced domestic discipline, is convinced that returning to his roots will be their saving grace. Lainie has reluctantly agreed, mostly out of exhaustion and desperation, but is skeptical to say the least. This snippet comes from their second full day in Corbin’s Bend. Lainie’s mentor has arranged for a group of the women to come over and help Lainie unpack. Lainie is less than enthused about the whole prospect. It follows directly from my WIP IT UP Wednesday excerpt. If you missed that it can be found here .

“Maybe they will,” Grant said, unconcerned, “but it won’t matter. They’ve all been exactly where you are. Everyone here was new once.”

Lainie wasn’t convinced in the slightest. “Like that’s going to stop them from gawking at me.” This was going to be ghastly. It was worse than the first day of high school. At least then she’d had the option of blending in with the other clueless freshman without having to endure all the popular girls suddenly gathering around to point and stare at her.


Okay, so I know it’s not very spanky yet, but we’ll get there eventually. Patience is a virtue, remember? Let me know what you think so far, and be sure to check out the other authors while you’re at it.