Saturday SpankingsI’m continuing with the excerpt that I have been sharing from Learning to Live Again. This excerpt follows directly from the excerpt I shared on WIP It Up Wednesday. If you missed that, you can find it here.  Lainie is speaking in the first line.

“I’m not helpless, you know, just because we moved here doesn’t mean I’ve turned into some meek little church mouse.”

“I’d have never guessed that,” Grant said dryly, chuckling. Lainie glared at him. “Honey, meek and helpless have never been words I’ve associated with you. That’s not who you are, and I wouldn’t want it to be. I don’t know where you’re getting these ideas from. You know my mom. She doesn’t have a helpless bone in her body.”

Poor Lainie, she’s just so terribly confused. I’ll have more of this excerpt on Wednesday for WIP It Up Wednesday. In the meantime, check out what everyone else is offering today.