Saturday SpankingsI hope everyone is enjoying their holidays so far. The hustle and bustle is mostly over at my house and things are beginning to calm down again. When we last saw Lainie, she was settling in with some of the ladies from Corbin’s Bend for scones and coffee. However, when you live in Corbin’s Bend, even something as simple as coffee isn’t always a simple decision.

Venia gave Cadence a pointed look. “Has Marcus suddenly changed his opinion about you having caffeine?”
Cadence gave her an exasperated look. “One cup won’t hurt.”
“Uh huh,” Venia said knowingly. “Have you convinced your husband of that?”
“Of course not,” Cadence said. “The man is impossible.”

photo_22994_20130112 Somehow I don’t think Lainie ever imagined that a DD relationship involved such every day details like whether or not drinking coffee was acceptable. While you are sipping on your own favorite beverage, take a look at the other posts available today.