This comes from  my current work in progress, an anthology of short spanking stories, what fanfic writers typically refer to as one shots.  This bit is from a story called Little Nights, about Colt and Gillie, who have an age play/domestic discipline relationship.  It’s something of a role play Gillie is in trouble because she got a bad behavior report from school.


Ignoring her pleas, Colt pointed to a spot directly in front of him. Gillie sighed, trudging slowly across to him. When she got close enough to be in reach, he took hold of her wrist and guided her to stand between his knees. “What’s the rule about behaving at school?” he asked.

“I gotta b’have,” Gillie replied, her voice growing smaller and younger with each word.

“And if you don’t…” Colt pressed.

“I get a spankin’,” Gillie replied softly.

“I don’t think getting five sad faces constitutes behaving, do you?” he asked