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Today I’m shining the spotlight on the new Corbin’s Bend Valentine’s Day collection, Love in the Rockies. It’s a great book if I do say so myself, and that’s not only because I’m one of the authors. It features update stories from six favorite Corbin’s Bend couples, including Brent and Char, the couple that started it all, as well as many others, my own Grant and Lainie among them. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should. After all, you still have plenty of time to pick it up before Valentine’s Day.


Love in the Rockies

6 blazing good stories about 6 of our favorite couples
Valentine’s Surprise by Constance Masters
Erin and Zach have had a busy but happy year. The handsome elementary teacher is over the moon that his wife now has friends of her own to spend time with, but he’s feeling the need to have her all to himself for a while. Valentine’s Day is looming and an idea begins to seed. A surprise camping trip seems like just the way to reconnect.Erin is beside herself when Zach lets her know that he has a sitter for the girls for the whole weekend. She can only imagine what he has planned. A hotel in the city maybe? A weekend cruise? Possibly even a trip to Vegas? She’d always wanted to go to Vegas. Even better than all that, what if they were going to a luxury ski lodge?What will Erin make of the borrowed RV that is her big surprise? Will the surprise be the best she’s ever gotten? Or will this particular white elephant gift go down as the worst Valentine’s Day gift in the history of bad gifts?

Roy & Teri’s Staycation by Kate Richards
Roy and Teri Simms are finally going to take their vacation and renew their romance! With their adopted son Ben  safely stowed with neighbors for a week, they are taking a romantic cruise to the Caribbean and this time Teri is on board with the plan.
But one thing after another happens to keep them from leaving town. Will they still be able to find any time to try out all the new toys? Or will the constant interruptions result in spanking interruptus?
The Simms are nothing if not creative and no matter how many small emergencies occur, they are sure to fit in enough sessions of spanking and sex toy testing to make their first honeymoon look like a convent retreat.
Past Interference by Kathryn R. Blake
When Jerry Douglas asks Elly Benson to marry him, he wants their ceremony to be as close to Valentine’s Day as possible. Though Elly tearfully accepts Jerry’s proposal without hesitation, as she readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage. When Elly recalls how quickly her uncertain stomach jitters grew into tight knots of pain on her wedding day, she also remembers how and why she’d fallen in love with and married Arthur, her first husband. A mistake she regrets more and more with each passing hour.Though she’s lived with Jerry for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, her first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, in the beginning. At least until she vowed to love, honor and obey him. And their move to Corbin’s Bend turned him from the strict, but caring husband she thought she’d married into a monster she no longer recognized.
The Perfect Housewife by Etta Stark

Kirsty Beale may be less wild and destructive than she used to be but she’s still a long way off being the perfect housewife.Since moving in with her boyfriend Logan – and spending time with Logan’s very traditional family – Kirsty has begun to worry that she isn’t the traditional homemaker that Logan would like her to be. Will Valentine’s Day be the perfect opportunity to let Logan enjoy the pleasures of having a perfect old-fashioned wife – if only for one night?
Unexpected Surprises by Ruth Staunton
For their first Valentine’s Day in Corbin’s Bend, Grant Taylor is determined to do something special for his wife Lainie. Lainie,however, has plans of her own. As a middle school teacher, she has volunteered to help plan and chaperone the Valentine dance that is being held for the middle and high school students.
When Grant hears this, he insists that she is working too hard and needs to cut back on the things she has committed to, the first and foremost being the Valentine’s Day dance. Lainie insists that she can’t do that and finally he reluctantly agrees to let her work part of the dance and then come home.
Under extreme protest, Lainie agrees, but when the time comes to admit to her supervisor that she can’t chaperone, she changes her mind and decides Grant is being unreasonable. She determines to chaperone the dance anyway and deal with Grant later. Unfortunately, Lainie’s plan doesn’t work out quite like she intended it to and she is in for quite a few unexpected surprises.
Knowing What She Needs by Thianna D.
Winter has been oppressive too long and Charmagne Kendle feels like she’s about to climb the walls. While she loves Brent, his need to take care of others when she thinks he should be home with her comes to a head on Valentine’s Day when the community suffers a massive power outage and instead of spending the day with her and Kayla, he’s at the dome working on community stuff. She knows it’s illogical, but at the moment she doesn’t care.
Brent knows the woman he loves is stressed and has a surprise in store to help lessen it. When she explodes, he sets her straight with an over-the-knee spanking that turns into a night of passionate lovemaking. Once she calms down, he delivers the best Valentine’s Day gift she could have received. Stress gone and having reconnected in the best way, when help is once again needed from the man she loves, Char has a choice to make: Accept it willingly. Or Detonate. One decision controls their future. Will she make the right one this Valentine’s Day?



Excerpt from Unexpected Surprises

In a matter of minutes, Grant brought two steaming cups of coffee over. He handed Lainie a cup and then offered her a fork. She took both forks from him, putting one to the side. Grant raised a curious eyebrow but didn’t comment. She cut off a bite of the desert and offered it to him. He reached up to take the fork from her, but she shooed him away, feeding it to him instead.

With an expression that was equal parts amusement and interest, Grant swallowed the bite she had given him and watched as she took the next bite for herself. Knowing he was watching her, Lainie drew the fork out of her mouth with deliberate slowness. Grant’s eyes widened and flared, the green turning nearly black as his arousal heightened. Encouraged by his response, Lainie continued working her way through the desert, alternating feeding her husband bites and eating her own, all the while trying to play up the eroticism of each motion.Grant was breathing hard long before the desert was finished, and Lainie with more than a little excited herself, though admittedly the lingering soreness put a bit of a damper on proceedings. There was perhaps a quarter of the chocolate confection left when Grant suddenly grabbed her wrist, stilling her in mid-motion. He took the fork out of her hand and tossed it down on the table then pulled her bodily across the table toward him to kiss her hard, pillaging her mouth with his tongue. When he broke away, they were both breathless. He let her go and got to his feet, holding out a hand to her. Lainie scrambled to stand up and take his hand.

To her absolute shock, Grant pulled her to him and then scooped her up in his arms. Lainie squealed in surprise at the sudden movement, but Grant silenced her with another consuming kiss. When he broke away and put her on her feet again, they were in their bedroom. Grant pushed the door closed with one foot and began undoing the buttons of his shirt. Lainie lifted his hands away and undid them herself, trailing small kisses down his chest in her path. He stood still and let her stripped the shirt off of him, but when she reached for the button of his pants, he stopped her, reaching instead for the ends of her shirt and stripping it over her head. Lainie reached automatically to un-clasp her bra, dropping it to the floor.

Grant apparently took that as an invitation to turn his attention to her breasts, he took first one and then the other in his mouth, teasing and circling them in much the same way as she had teased him with the fork. Need shot through Lainie, sharp and hot. “Oh God, please,” she said helplessly, though she couldn’t specified exactly what it is she was begging for if she’d had to.

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