I know from what I hear from other authors that for some, book titles are the bane of their existence. They are one of the hardest parts, for them, of writing a book, and are often stressed and debated over for quite some time. Fortunately, that doesn’t usually seem to be the case for me. **Knock on wood** Usually, titles come to me pretty easily, though sometimes not until the end of the book.  Most of my manuscript files are kept on a computer under the character name. I’m totally a character writer so I tend to organize everything in that way rather than by the title even if I know the title.


I don’t really have a method to the way I come up with a title.  The only commonality is that most of them surround a main idea, or theme if you will, of the book.

 playing with fire

Playing with Fire came from the very first image in the book. Cade is sitting in a bar watching Stacy and thinks about how the glints of copper in her hair look like fire under the lights of the bar.  There are also hints of her being a dangerous woman, the kind he’d be better off to leave alone.  He knows he’s playing with fire but does it anyway.

Learning-to-Live-Again-Final-200Learning to Live Again got its title from an old Garth Brooks song of the same name. I heard the song on the radio one day and my muse got interested. The song itself is about starting over again, dating after a long absence. Though that wasn’t what my book was about, it was about starting over in a different way.  Grant and Lainie were starting over in a different place and a completely different lifestyle. To me, that was just as appropriate.








Love-in-the-Rockies-200x300Unexpected Surprises is probably my most obvious title.There are any number of unexpected surprises, both good and bad within the context of this story. I knew it almost immediately and never considered anything else.










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Available Now

One of Those Nights is another kind of themed title. Each of the stories within this anthology is a snapshot of a night in the life of a particular couple. All of the couples have different relationship and DD dynamics, but each one works for that particular people involved. They all know how to handle one of those nights. Ironically, for most of the time I was writing this anthology it was called One of Those Days. At the last minute, I realized that all the stories were actually set in the evening or at night.


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