Many of us spanking writers and bloggers, myself included, often feel like we have two separate identities. Our real life selves that we show the world and then our spanking community selves that only our online friends know. Some of us, including me, also have two separate names, which for me at least make the separation seem all the more real. However, sometimes, there are uncomfortable moments when those two worlds collide. So far, mine have been nothing significant, but they do happen.

Once, when on vacation, my mom was helping me out of a boat in the dark. She warned me that there was a rope anchoring the boat that would run between my legs when I stood up and not to let it make me lose my balance, which is extremely precarious even on a good day. A friend of my sister’s, who was with us, was being snarky about the rope between my legs. He cracked that he never knew I was into S&M. As I sat there trying very hard not to react, my mother made things worse by deciding I probably did not know what that meant and commenting on that. It was incredibly hard not to tell them that I probably knew more than the both of them combined.

Another time, at work, a student transferred in who caused quite a few stirs by informing anyone and everyone in the vicinity that she was pansexual. This kid was a budding activist in the making and hit our middle school in the deep South like a hurricane. One day, in a meeting, one of the teachers in my teaching team asked what pansexual even meant. Imagine how uncomfortable it got when I, despite being generally viewed by most everyone as reserved another innocent, not to mention the pervasive myth that people with disabilities are asexual, was the only one in the room who knew what it meant.

I know I’m not the only one who has ever had these awkward, uncomfortable moments. Anyone else care to share?  Don’t forget to see what the other bloggers on the hop are sharing today as well.