WIP33 Lainie and I are back again, sharing another excerpt from Learning to Live Again. This continues directly from the snippet I shared on #Satspanks. You can find it here.  Lainie has some slightly confused ideas about what it means to be TIH.

That was true. Edna Taylor was a force of nature. She was just the kind of plucky, strong woman that Lainie admired. Her mother-in-law had in the early years of their dating and marriage become much more of a role model for Lainie than her own mother had ever been. It had been a complete shock when Grant had revealed the nature of his parents’ relationship. Lainie couldn’t see Edna ever letting anyone tell her what to do, much less spank her. The idea still confused her, though Grant swore it was the practice of domestic discipline that was the glue that made his parents’ marriage work, and that they had the strongest marriage he knew because of it. Lainie couldn’t fault that observation. Grant’s parents had clearly been devoted to one another. Their marriage have been different from any one she had ever seen, and she’d wanted that. She still wanted that. That’s why she had agreed to this move and to this type of relationship. She just wasn’t at all sure how she was supposed to do it.

Grant must have seen something in her face because he moved over and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “It’ll be fine,” he assured. “Don’t be so nervous. People here are nice, and I bet you will find out you have more in common than think.” He dropped a kiss on her head, glancing at his watch. “I’ve got to get moving. Have fun.”


Like Grant, I hope everyone has a fun and enjoyable holiday season. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, be sure to take a break and check out all the other writers on the hop. Lainie will actually finally get to meet her neighbors on this Saturday’s #Satspanks. If you’ve been following this excerpt, you don’t want to miss it.