WIP33 The ladies of Corbin’s Bend are having a little girl talk before they get down to business helping Lainie to get her house in order after her move. For Lainie’s part, she’s been in Corbin’s Bend less than 24 hours and she’s already getting an eye-opening look at the reality of living day-to-day in a DD relationship. Today’s post follows directly from Saturday’s. If you missed it, you can find it here.

“Technically it would be for endangering my health and Anna’s by drinking caffeine while I’m nursing,” Cadence said in a tone that suggested she had heard those exact words more than once before, “but yes, the coffee would likely get me spanked. Marcus gets serious about anything health related.”

Venia snorted. “You married the doctor, honey. What did you expect?”

“She has a point,” Julie agreed, eyes glinting with amusement. “Although, from what I hear, all the HoH’s take health and safety pretty seriously, Matt included. It’s one of those basic cardinal rules. You seem surprised,” she added, studying Lainie. “Is that not something that is part of your agreement?”

“Grant wouldn’t get upset about coffee,” Lainie said slowly, “but we do have a rule about not doing anything dangerous.” In her opinion, it was a totally unnecessary rule. She was a fully competent adult. It wasn’t like she was deliberately going to put herself into danger. Thankfully, Grant didn’t interpret it as strictly as Cadence’s husband did.

“Matt either,” Julie replied, “at least now that I’m not pregnant or nursing, but there are other things that are his hot buttons. I’m sure your husband has them too.”