Hello Again! It’s that time again #WIPItUp.That’s exciting enough, but I’m even more excited because it’s almost release day. In only 15 days – or two more weeks of #WIPitup – Learning to Live Again will be released. It’s not long now. Then, four days after Learning to Live Again is released, Grant and Lainie have a follow-up story, Unexpected Surprises, that is included in the Corbin’s Bend Valentine’s Day collection, Love in the Rockies, being released. Yes, you read that right, I have to new releases coming out within four days of one another. Crazy right? It is crazy, but it’s also super exciting. I’m trying my best to keep my excitement under control. In the meantime, I’m continuing with the excerpt I’ve been sharing between Lainie and the ladies of Corbin’s Bend. Except today, it’s getting personal. This follows directly from my #Satspanks post that you can find here.


Sure, there had been a few times during the move when she had gotten stressed out and downright bitchy when Grant had insisted that she stop and calm down, including once or twice when he had accompanied that instruction with a firm swat, but that seemed altogether different than what these women were talking about. For them, it was quite clear that the rules and the threat of punishment were real, real enough to make Cadence turn down coffee when she clearly really wanted it.

“Haven’t actually what?” Venia pressed.

Lainie swallowed hard, heat rising in her cheeks again. “We haven’t actually –“ She tried again only to stop and stammer. How did they talk about this so easily? How did you say it without feeling completely absurd? She saw Julie and Venia exchange a look. They probably thought she was ridiculous.
“Has he spanked you yet?” Julie asked bluntly.

And that is the $50,000 question. While you ponder that, go check out what everybody else has to offer. Don’t forget, this will continue on #Satspanks on Saturday. See you then.