I’m back! After being away for a week or so, I’m back to share a new excerpt with my fellow WIPsters. Though it’s no longer a WIP, I’m sharing from my recently published Corbin’s Bend book, Learning to Live Again. In the snippets I shared on here and on #Satspanks in the weeks leading up to publication, we saw that Lainie had her eyes opened to a great many different things about spanking and DD courtesy of her new neighbors. In this excerpt, that led to a curiosity, and she and Grant have decided to explore something new.


“So what are you saying?” Grant questioned. “Are you telling me you would be open to trying erotic spanking?”

“Maybe,” Lainie replied hesitantly. She was curious. Hearing the others talk about it had made her wonder, and now, knowing that it was something Grant fantasized about as well just upped curiosity even more. But what if Grant was right? What if some fantasies were better just left as fantasies? What if she hated it?

Before she could make a decision, Grant leaned over and kissed her, cupping a hand behind her head and pulling her to him. When she was breathless with heat boiling in her blood and zipping along her nerves like electricity, he broke away and began trailing tiny kisses up her neck from shoulder to ear. He caught her earlobe between his teeth, nipping it gently in a way that never failed to turn her into a puddle of goo. Where did this come from? One minute they had been talking about spanking and the next… The thought slipped away before she could finish it.

“Stop me if I do something you don’t like,” Grant murmured, releasing her ear and working his way back down, alternately nibbling, suckling, and kissing.

Stop him? Who was he kidding? She could barely form a coherent thought much less draw breath to protest. Besides, after all this time, he knew her body as well as his own, as she knew his, knowledge he was using to good effect just now. He had worked its way slowly down to her breast and was mouthing them through the thin cotton T-shirt she wore. Her head dropped back of its own accord and small whimpers and moans left her lips without conscious thought. He pulled away long enough to catch the edge of her shirt and strip it over her head. She gripped his shirt, pulling herself up right, and scrabbling for the edge of it, intending to return the favor.

Abruptly, Grant pulled back, kissing her hands and pulling them away. “Uh, uh, uh, naughty girl, we’re doing this my way, on my terms. Keep your hands to yourself.” He tucked her hands into her lap and covered them with his own. Lainie made a halfhearted attempt to pull away, but he simply shifted, putting just a bit more pressure on his hands and holding her exactly where he wanted her.

Ah. So that was how this was going to be. Since then, there had been occasional nights when he had done this, taken charge and given her small commands and limits, even occasionally pinning her down or restraining her hands. It was familiar and something they both enjoyed. Not that she didn’t also occasionally enjoy putting up a fuss about it.

Biting back a smile, Lainie huffed, “Fine.” So quickly she didn’t have time to realize what he was doing, Grant transferred both her hands into one of his and used his free hand to swat the side of her bare thigh where it was exposed below her sleep shorts. It wasn’t a particularly hard swat. It barely stung, but it was sudden and completely unexpected and made her jump. A faint handprint bloomed on her skin, clearly visible even in the dim light, and she stared at it, fascinated.


Learning-to-Live-Again-Final-200Tired of increasing chaos in his family life and the distance that is growing between him and his wife, Lainie, Grant Taylor decides the only way to save his marriage is to get back to the domestic discipline lifestyle he grew up with. When he finds Corbin’s Bend on the Internet, he is certain it is the perfect place for them to start over.

Exhausted and tired of juggling everything herself, Lainie reluctantly agrees to her husband’s suggestion. However, she is new to the lifestyle and more than a little uncertain about it. To make matters worse, their 15-year-old daughter Kathleen is convinced they had moved her into some kind of weird spanking cult. She is miserable and not at all shy about letting everybody know it.

Will moving to Corbin’s Bend be their saving grace, or will it be the final straw that tears them apart?

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Grant and Lainie also have a follow-up story available as part of Love in the Rockies, Corbin’s Bend’s Valentine’s Collection.

Unexpected Surprises by Ruth StauntonLove-in-the-Rockies-200x300

For their first Valentine’s Day in Corbin’s Bend, Grant Taylor is determined to do something special for his wife Lainie. Lainie, however, has plans of her own. As a middle school teacher, she has volunteered to help plan and chaperone the Valentine dance that is being held for the middle and high school students.

When Grant hears this, he insists that she is working too hard and needs to cut back on the things she has committed to, the first and foremost being the Valentine’s Day dance. Lainie insists that she can’t do that and finally he reluctantly agrees to let her work part of the dance and then come home.

Under extreme protest, Lainie agrees, but when the time comes to admit to her supervisor that she can’t chaperone, she changes her mind and decides Grant is being unreasonable. She determines to chaperone the dance anyway and deal with Grant later. Unfortunately, Lainie’s plan doesn’t work out quite like she intended it to and she is in for quite a few unexpected surprises.

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