A2Z-Logo-C1Before anyone asks, yes, xanthippe is a real word. (No, I didn’t know what prior to writing this blog. That’s what research is for. 🙂 ) It means:  a scolding or ill-tempered wife; a shrewish woman.  Look it up if you don’t believe me. 😉

I knew as soon as I ran across it, that Lenora Reinhardt fit that description. Lenora is Stacy Reinhardt’s mother. Stacy is one of the main characters in my novella, Playing with Fire, and both she and Lenora also appear in the planned sequel, Taking Chances. Cade, Stacy’s fiance, describes her in this way in Taking Chances.


Lenora Reinhardt was a force to be reckoned with. The woman had all the subtlety of a bulldozer. He could see clearly where Stacy had gotten her stubbornness. Lenora had it in spades. When she set her mind on a goal, she pursued it with a single-mindedness that bordered on obsession. Currently, she had set her mind on giving her daughter the perfect society wedding without the slightest regard for Stacy’s feelings on the matter. That had gone over like a ton of bricks, and when Stacy – and Cade himself –– had objected and finally outright refused, she had been launched a campaign to badger Stacy into doing it anyway.

Such tactics may have made her an excellent realtor, but they also made her damn difficult to live with. Cade would never have let Stacy get away with being so utterly disrespectful, but from what he could tell, Wilton Reinhardt was next to useless when it came to dealing with his wife. Cade doubted he’d ever heard the man say more than two dozen words at a stretch. He appeared to get by chiefly by letting his wife do everything and anything she wanted. It was very clear who ran the show in that household. It grated against everything Cade believed.

See?  Told you, a total xanthippe. Stacy, fortunately, has better sense, not to mention a man who would not hesitate to rein her in by any means necessary. 🙂  Be sure to visit the other bloggers on the hop.