Young’un, for those of you not familiar with the word, is a dialectical word for child a.k.a. “Young one”. It’s a pretty typical way for people to refer to children in rural areas of the U.S., particularly in the South where I live.  I love children and always have. I guess it’s really no surprise then that I also love books with children in them. For years, I remember plundering through paperback books anywhere I found them in search of “kid books”. This should not be confused with children’s books. I outgrew those pretty quickly, but I loved and still love romances that also involved children in some capacity. Single parents, foster or adoptive parents, the proverbial secret baby, you name it and I devoured it as quickly as I could get my hands on it.

This same preference carried over into my writing. Almost everything I’ve ever written, even way back when I first started writing in middle school, involved children and/or their families. It still continues today.

Currently, Playing with Fire involves Nicky, Cade’s 9-year-old godson. Nicky will also appear in Taking Chances, my WIP featuring his mother, Gail, and Cade’s good friend and former partner, Nathan.

Gillie and Colt, from Gillie’s Little Secret, don’t have children, but it’s an ageplay, which in itself plays on a lot of childhood and parental themes. There are also all of Colt’s cadets, high school students from his JROTC unit, as supporting characters as well as his two nieces.

Loving Landon has Garret’s 15-year-old mentee, Emmanuel, better known as Bean, as one of the supporting characters. I’m pretty sure there’s also going to be another teenager, but he has yet to make an appearance.

Only Believing in Fate with Lena and Jonah doesn’t involve children in some capacity. It’s pretty much a safe bet to say I have young’uns running rampant all over my stories. 🙂

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