If you read my post a couple days ago on my plan for this blogging challenge, then you know I am centering my A to Z posts on snippets from my various works in progress. (See previous post for a more detailed explanation.)

Today’s snippet is from an age play story that I’m tentatively calling Gillie’s Little Secret. The basic premise of the story is as follows: Gillian Avery (Gillie) is a military wife who has been harboring a secret age play fantasy for most of her life. For the most part, she has explored it in secret by reading age play stories on the Internet at home alone during her husband’s long deployments. That all changes when her husband retires and takes a job as head of JROTC at the local high school. Now, he’s home all the time and get suspicious of the time she is spending on the computer. When he confronts her and accuses her of having an online affair, Gillie’s long-held secret is exposed.

In this snippet, Gillie makes her first attempt at explaining her interest by giving her husband the story she has been reading.

“Read it,” Gillie said by way of explanation. She turned and disappeared into the kitchen without another word. In the stunned silence that followed, Colt heard her open the oven, slip something inside it, and close it again. Not sure what else to do, he sank onto the sofa and began to read.

Whatever he expected, it wasn’t what he found. In that one awful moment when Gillie shoved the papers in his hand, he had imagined everything from divorce papers to some sort of horrible medical report. He had never expected a story. That’s all it was. Some fantasy story about a man who found a homeless woman and took her in and somewhere along the line became her daddy. She even called him Daddy. Not in the breathy, sexual way of the porn tapes he’d seen on deployments or had in his collection years ago before Gillie, as though he were her actual parent. He treated her like a child, dressing her, feeding her, telling her what to do and punishing her when she didn’t obey, even to the point of spanking her sometimes. Not some little slap and tickle game either. Real, serious butt-blisterings that left her in tears, not unlike what Colt remembered his own father giving him as a child, and for reasons he couldn’t begin to fathom, the woman not only allowed it but appeared to like it.

It didn’t make a bit of sense, and Colt couldn’t for the life of him understand why Gillie would like it.

Ok, that wasn’t quite true. There were parts of it that sounded pretty good, cuddling, holding, rocking. He could get into that and maybe even the bathing and stuff too. After all, he loved Gillie’s body and anything that let him touch her could be a good thing. The spanking and other things, not so much. He had a hard enough time restraining himself from doing bodily harm to anyone who hurt her. He’d gotten in quite a few fights in his younger days when they were first dating and still going to clubs and concerts over that very thing. He couldn’t even imagine intentionally doing such things himself.

If Gillie wanted to read about it though, he couldn’t care less. He didn’t really understand the attraction, but if reading about it made her happy, so be it. It didn’t matter to him. These days, women were reading about werewolves and vampires and all kinds of crazy shit anyway. What difference did it make?


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